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Shipping only $9.99 on  ALL orders. Free shipping over $250.00! 

If you no longer see a product that was advertised it has been discontinued. If you would like to make a special request e-mail Paws of Hope Shop in contact us tab. We are here to deliver you your favourite tote bag, laptop sleeve and/or mouse pad. Also know that by purchasing a tote bag from Paws of Hope Shop you are supporting various photographers, each picture is taken by an anonymous photographer and they will get a royalty. Together we work to promote and help each other grow and thrive! Etsy Shop is my original art work. Wishing you all much greatness in your life journey! Xoxo!

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Welcome to Paws of Hope e-commerce store that is changing it's name to Glamour Tote Bags! Inspired by my Angel with Paws Hope! 5% of revenue from Paw Tote Bags sold will be donated to a shelter in need! I hope you find something you like for yourself or a loved one! 

I believe beauty starts within but can be enhanced through gorgeous products and self-expression in various forms! Be You, Be Beautiful, Be Authentic!


                                  •Learn •Grow •Create •Fail •Learn •Grow •Create •THRIVE

Please be advised majority of designs on Paws of Hope Shop are possible because of the gifts various anonymous photographers have shared and allowed to be used on tote bags and a royalty fee is given every time an item is sold to the appropriate photographer. 

All Etsy designs are my original art work.  

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